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  • Mellows , Seasonal

    Chai Spice

    Our signature Fall product features a lightly flavor of Madigascar Vanilla Bean and spices find in a good cup of Chai.

  • Mellows

    Chocolate Pecan Toffee

    A rich, buttery toffee topped with chocolate and pecan mixed with our delicious Vanilla Mellow.

  • Mellows

    Chocolate Swirl

    A chocolate lovers dream! Flavorful chocolate mellows, made with Ghirardelli chocolate and topped with chocolate swirl!

  • Mellows

    Hibiscus Lemonade

    Contains the following allergens: Corn, Lemon, Hibiscus Flower.


  • Mellows

    Vanilla Tie-Dye

    A unique spin on a tasty classic! A colorful tie-dye pattern is hand designed on our fluffy vanilla mellows.