S’mores & More

Marshmallow Stroopwafels (2-Pack)

A tasty marshmallow sandwiched in an authentic homemade Dutch stroopwafel

Price : 10

S'mores in a Jar

Graham cracker base, next is chocolate ganache then a layer of gourmet vanilla marshmallow with a sprinkling of graham cracker on top.

Price : 5.00

S'mores on the go

A traditional graham cracker layered with made-from-scratch caramel and a fluffy vanilla mellow! To top it all off, the whole s’more (yes, you read that right) is hand dipped in Ghirardhelli chocolate

Price : 5.00

Hot Chocolate Cone

Hot chocolate mix, vanilla mini-mellows and a candy cane spoon!

S'mores Cone

An ice cream cone filled with our vanilla mellows, Ghirardelli chocolate and crushed grahams