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Hallie Rock - Owner & Mellow Master

Murphy's Mellows is a family owned business that came to life in 2015. All of our products are homemade and packaged by hand to insure top notch quality. We only use the best ingredients and never incorporate artificial flavors or preservatives. Our marshmallows put a unique spin on a tasty classic! Flavors range from vanilla all the way to raspberry Prosecco. Try adding one of our mellows to your coffee to bring it to the next level.

Our Story

Once upon a time there was a handsome Irish prince who married a Texas belle. The Texas belle had an adventurous soul and loved cooking new things. One day an evil witch cursed her with kidney disease and the Texas belle could not work anymore.

While waiting for a transplant she received a food mixer one Christmas and asked herself “what am I going to do with this?”. The handsome Irish prince told her to make some sort of candy and she decided to make marshmallows. That is how the story begins. The Texas belle rushed headlong into making marshmallows and eventually decided to make s’mores in a jar. All her family and friends loved the sweet treat and encouraged her to start a small business selling the s’mores in a jar along with the gourmet hand crafted marshmallows. Following a kidney transplant she decided to start the business and to sell the s’mores at farmers markets and to local stores. And so a new chapter begins…….

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